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Wild Game Processing Prices in Colorado Springs, CO

Deer Meat - Meat in Colorado Springs, CO
Antelope: $60

Deer, Elk, Bear, Buffalo: $80 minimum or $1.25 per pound if over 80 pounds

Wild Hogs
: $1.25 per pound

All boneless steaks & Roasts: $100 minimum or $1.50 per pound over 80 pounds

Prices do not include road kill!


Skinning Charges






There is an extra charge for any item listed below:



Beef Suet or Pork Trim

Added to burger:
$2 per pound

Sausage & Jerky Prices

Smoked Jerky
(Fresh Wt. 60% Shrink)
$6 per pound
Summer Sausage (Approx. 4 lb Sticks):
$16 each
Pepperoni Sticks:
$5 per pound

Stuffed Fresh Sausage

Breakfast, Italian, or Bratwurst:
$4 per pound

Bulk Sausage

Breakfast, Italian, or Chorizo:
$3 per pound
Extra Cleaning if Necessary:
$25 - $50

Rush Orders:



Hang Only


(If Available)
$25 min. first 3 days $10 per day after
For Clean Boneless Trim
Grind + Wrap Burger: $1.25 per pound
Grind Only: $1 per pound
Beef Suet Added to Burger:
$2 per pound
Pork Trim 50% Lean: $2 per pound

Smoked Summer Sausage 4 lb Sticks: $16 each
Natural Casing Pepperoni Sticks:
$5 per pound
Smoked Jerky
(Fresh Wt. 60% Shrink)
: $6 per pound
Buffalo in Colorado Springs, CO


Fresh Natural Casings


Bratwurst, Breakfast, or Italian: $4 per pound


Bulk Sausage Ground + Wrapped


Bear - Meat in Colorado Springs, CO
Chorizo: $3 per pound
Breakfast or Italian Sausage: $3 per pound
Grind Only Breakfast or Italian: $1.75 per pound

There is an Extra Charge on Boning and Cleaning
$5 minimum charge on all orders
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